Welcome to Pacific X.

Pacific X is the brainchild of a passionate Pacific Islander, Sepulona Fa’ale, looking to develop a digital content network.

 A service to connect and reconnect Polynesian people, communities and like minded users.

I came from simple village beginnings in Samoa to a humble upbringing in South Auckland, New Zealand.

I became an immigrant for the second time at the age of 24. Packing my bag and with 300 bucks in my pocket, moved to Australia to start my new life.

Fast forward to now at the age of 48 with a growing family, successful career in construction and a huge interest in digital education.

I have noticed a shift where social media is slowly eclipsing traditional mainstream media.

Where You Tubers, Face Bookers and Instagrammers are gaining a firm influence in society and gaining momentum as we speak.

Pacific X recognises that Polynesian customers want to and deserve to see culturally targeted content and will provide platforms with them in mind.

Pacific X sees that traditional content providers have not focused on the Polynesian global market.

There are an estimated 2 million Polynesians and people of Polynesian descent worldwide. The majority of whom live in Polynesia, United States,

Australia and New Zealand.

The vision of Pacific X is to create a business that builds a community network for Polynesians to:




Celebrate and interact with pertinent and fresh cultural content.

Proud Polynesian


Sepulona Fa’ale